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Discovering the Next FAANG Stocks

Investing in the fast-paced world of technology stocks is like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt, searching for the next big winners. Imagine if you could pick the next FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) stocks before they skyrocketed to fame and fortune. In this article, we’ll unveil an investment strategy that unlocks the potential for healthy growth in tech stocks, combining 3 powerful criteria:

  • Revenue growth > 30%
  • Free cash flow margin > 0%
  • USD 1b < Market Capitalisation < USD 50b

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of tech investing and uncover the hidden gems with the potential to make your portfolio shine.

Tech Stocks that Fulfil the Criteria

CompanyMarket capRevenue growth % (TTM)Free cash flow margin % (TTM)
Array Technologies, Inc.3.567B 58.39%13.99%
Axon Enterprise, Inc.14.61B 37.71%8.11%
Aspen Technology, Inc.12.789B 116.49%29.07%
BILL Holdings, Inc.10.683B 65.38%15.77%
Calix, Inc3.007B 34.83%2.03%
Coherent Corp.4.703B 55.58%3.84%
CRWDCrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.38.82B 44.08%30.76%
Datadog, Inc.28.847B 38.90%23.94%
DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc.2.152B 32.05%14.73%
Duolingo, Inc.6.342B 44.47%18.82%
Enphase Energy, Inc.16.352B 61.11%30.94%
EngageSmart, Inc.2.956B 33.76%16.06%
Flywire Corporation – Voting3.708B 44.63%0.94%
Fortinet, Inc.45.738B 30.71%39.66%
MongoDB, Inc.23.955B 37.37%3.70%
monday.com Ltd.7.495B 52.09%20.13%
nCino, Inc.3.568B 31.45%2.13%
Cloudflare, Inc.19.304B 38.71%8.18%
Nu Holdings Ltd.32.155B 106.33%66.22%
Paylocity Holding Corporation9.891B 37.76%22.13%
Shoals Technologies Group, Inc.3.404B 64.33%19.19%
Smartsheet Inc.5.326B 32.02%11.97%
Super Micro Computer, Inc.12.473B 37.09%8.80%
Snowflake Inc.49.356B 49.20%27.82%
Sprout Social, Inc2.764B 30.86%7.03%
Clear Secure, Inc.2.84B 54.15%36.97%
Zscaler, Inc.22.327B 48.22%22.62%

Understanding the Metrics

Revenue Growth

In the realm of tech investing, revenue growth is the fuel that propels companies to greatness. We’re not talking about ordinary growth here; we’re talking about turbocharged expansion. A growth rate of over 30% signifies that a tech firm is not only on the rise but is poised to reshape industries and dominate markets. It’s like catching a wave just as it starts to swell, riding it to incredible heights.

Free Cash Flow Margin %

Picture this: a company that not only generates impressive revenue but also skillfully converts it into cold, hard cash. That’s the beauty of a positive free cash flow margin. It means the company has mastered the art of turning its innovative ideas into profitable ventures. With surplus cash in the bank, they can fuel further growth, expand into new territories, and keep their competitors biting the dust.

Four Additional Steps to Identify Tech Stocks with Healthy Growth:

a. Thorough Research and Analysis: Dive into financial reports, devour investor presentations, and stay on top of industry news. Unearth the companies with soaring revenue growth and robust free cash flow margins, the ones that have their finger on the pulse of future technologies.

b. Assess Long-Term Potential: Beyond the numbers, you must assess the long-term potential of these tech titans. Look for the visionary leaders, the disruptive innovations, and the products or services that have the potential to revolutionize industries. It’s like glimpsing the future before it becomes the present, and positioning yourself for remarkable growth alongside these tech visionaries.

c. Portfolio Diversification: Just as a seasoned explorer wouldn’t stake everything on one treasure chest, diversification is the key to mitigating risk in your investment journey. Spread your bets across multiple tech stocks that meet your investment strategy’s criteria. By diversifying, you’ll capture the collective growth of the tech industry while protecting yourself from the occasional misstep.

d. Risk Management: The thrill of the hunt comes with inherent risks, but wise adventurers know how to manage them. Set realistic expectations, establish safeguards like stop-loss orders, and regularly assess your portfolio’s performance. Stay vigilant, adapt as needed, and navigate the ever-changing tech landscape with confidence.


Are you ready to embark on a thrilling expedition in search of the next FAANG stocks? By focusing on tech companies with revenue growth exceeding 30% and a positive free cash flow margin, you’re positioning yourself at the forefront of the tech revolution. Remember, investing is a journey, and success lies in thorough research, diversification, and effective risk management. So, gear up and get ready to uncover the hidden gems that have the potential to transform your portfolio into a treasure trove of wealth and success.

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