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Top Singapore Dividend Stocks

In the dynamic world of investing, one strategy has proven its mettle time and again: dividend stock investing. This method, rooted in a blend of stability and growth, has garnered the attention of seasoned investors and novices alike. In this article, we’ll highlight 20+ dividend stocks that have been paying consistent dividends, delve into the rationale behind dividend investing, and contextualize these concepts within Singapore’s vibrant stock market.

Why Dividend Investing Makes Sense

At its core, dividend stock investing aligns with the philosophy of “earning while you own.” Instead of relying solely on capital appreciation, investors enjoy a steady stream of income in the form of dividends. This approach provides a consistent source of cash flow, even during market fluctuations.

For Singaporean investors, this strategy resonates particularly well due to the nation’s strong dividend culture. Many companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) prioritize regular dividend distributions, making it a fertile ground for dividend-seeking investors.

The Importance of Consistent Dividend Payouts

Consistency is a hallmark of dividend investing, and for good reason. Companies that maintain a history of consistent dividend payouts often reflect financial stability, robust cash flows, and prudent management. This predictability appeals to risk-averse investors seeking to safeguard their investments.

In Singapore’s stock market context, companies with a track record of steady dividends underscore their commitment to shareholders’ interests. Such consistency signals a company’s ability to navigate economic cycles and deliver value to its investors, even in challenging times.

Top Singapore Dividend Stocks

The Singapore stock market has earned a reputation as a dividend oasis, offering a diverse array of companies that offer consistent dividend distributions. This aligns with the nation’s investor-friendly policies and business practices, fostering an environment where dividends are seen as a cornerstone of shareholder relations.

Well-established sectors like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and utilities are known for their regular dividends. Singapore’s robust banking sector, represented by stalwarts like DBS, OCBC, and UOB, also stands out for its dividend yield potential. These banks’ strong financial positions contribute to their ability to deliver reliable dividends over time.

The list below is curated based on:

  • Dividend yield > 3.5%
  • Payout ratio < 80%
  • Positive DPU growth
  • Continuous dividend growth > 1 year
StockDividend yield FWD %Payout ratio %Dividends per share growth %Continuous dividend growth
FIRST RESOURCES9.54%61.54%128.35%3
TJ DARENTANG USD7.91%79.43%110.73%5
CAPLAND INDIA T6.55%73.36%5.00%1
SUNTEC REIT6.14%83.80%2.52%2
GOLDEN AGRI-RES3.96%28.75%11.59%2
HONG LEONG FIN6.70%56.72%41.67%2
H TCIL HK$5.85%48.15%53.85%2
MAPLETREE LOG TR5.50%80.92%5.30%6
CAPLAND ASCOTT T5.89%81.70%49.89%2
CDL HTRUST5.60%39.46%31.54%1
KEPPEL DC REIT4.86%80.19%3.68%6
FAR EAST HTRUST5.93%37.20%12.55%2
WILMAR INTL4.64%43.22%9.68%6
JARDINE C&C4.54%48.79%39.04%2
WING TAI4.41%32.61%20.00%2
SHENG SIONG3.78%70.10%0.32%1


Dividend investing’s allure lies in its ability to offer investors the best of both worlds—consistent income and growth potential. Singapore’s stock market, with its dividend-rich landscape, provides a fertile ground for investors to embark on this journey.

For those who value a regular stream of income and the stability it brings, dividend investing holds immense appeal. It aligns well with Singapore’s investor-friendly environment, where dividends are not just a financial metric but a testament to a company’s commitment to its stakeholders.

As investors navigate the tumultuous seas of investing, dividend-focused strategies serve as a compass, guiding them towards long-term wealth accumulation. In a world where change is the only constant, dividends remain a steadfast source of stability and prosperity, and Singapore’s stock market stands as a testament to their enduring value.

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