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Singapore Airlines (SGX: C6L) Soars 24% Since Our Last Post

In the ever-changing world of investments, it’s important to keep a close eye on market developments. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has recently experienced a remarkable surge in its share price, climbing an impressive 24% since our last update. In this article, we will provide an quick update on the reasons behind this surge and discuss some technical indicators that suggest caution might be warranted due to the potential for a pullback.

Surge in Share Price

Over the past few weeks, Singapore Airlines has witnessed a significant uptick in its share price. The airline industry, which was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually recovering as travel restrictions ease and passenger demand increases. Singapore Airlines, being one of the leading carriers in the region, has benefited from these positive developments. Additionally, the company has implemented cost-cutting measures and restructuring efforts to improve its financial position.

Several factors have contributed to the recent surge in Singapore Airlines’ share price. Firstly, the rollout of effective COVID-19 vaccines globally has instilled optimism in the travel industry. As more countries reopen their borders and travelers regain confidence since 2022, demand for air travel is expected to rebound further. This positive sentiment has attracted investors to airline stocks, including Singapore Airlines.

Furthermore, Singapore Airlines’ reputation for excellence in service and operational efficiency has bolstered investor confidence. The company has a strong track record of navigating challenging periods and adapting to changing market dynamics. These qualities have positioned Singapore Airlines favorably among investors seeking exposure to the potential recovery of the airline industry.

Technical Perspective and Caution

While the surge in share price is undoubtedly encouraging, it is essential for investors to exercise caution when assessing the current state of Singapore Airlines’ stock. The share price had two nice breakout with healthy volumes in May, and followed by an extended bullish uptrend. From a technical perspective, the stock is currently trading at high levels, and this could potentially indicate an overbought condition. The next resistance is at around $8.37.

Singapore airlines

Technical indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) suggests that the stock may have entered into overbought territory. The RSI, which measures the stock’s momentum, is crossing down from the 70 level, indicating a potential bearish signal.

Investors should be mindful of these technical signals and consider the possibility of a pullback in Singapore Airlines’ share price. Market corrections are not uncommon, especially after a significant rally. It is advisable to assess the risk-reward dynamics and maintain a balanced investment approach, taking into account one’s risk tolerance and long-term investment goals.


Singapore Airlines has experienced a remarkable surge in its share price recently, driven by positive developments in the airline industry and the company’s own efforts to adapt and recover. However, investors should be cautious as the stock is currently trading at high levels, with technical indicators suggesting a potential overbought condition. While a pullback is not guaranteed, it is important to approach the investment decision with prudence, considering both the potential upside and downside risks. As always, it is recommended to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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